The Dog Days of Summer at Eyelet Outlet

If you’re looking for the Catch a Wave, just scroll down or click here. I always refer to the hottest days of the year as “the dog days of summer.”   A little research, however, reveals that phrase is not about dogs at all.  Rather, it actually refers to the star […] Read more »

Head Over Heels and More-Spinner Technique

Today I’m bringing you the second and third cards in my Spinner series.  Both use a circular slot for the slider, but there are differences in how I created them so I thought I’d compare and contrast for those interested. Here’s my first card: When I made this card I […] Read more »

Dream BIG-Shaker Card Technique

Next up in my Shaker Card Technique series is my “Dream BIG” card featuring my favorite subject, a dog!  For those of you who have pets, you can tell when they’re having a dream…their legs will kick, their eyes will flutter and they will make sounds.  Sometimes when my Katy […] Read more »