I often find myself creatively inspired by Jennifer McGuire through her blog and classes, but she also inspires me to become a more engaged and caring person through her Share Handmade Kindness campaigns.  I just watched this video and have decided to accept her invitation to join her in making cards to give to people in the community…just because.

(To the folks receiving my post in their e-mail, you may have to link to the actual post to see it or you can link directly to the video by clicking here.)

If you watched the video, you will have heard Jennifer saying her “super power” is her ability to make cards.  She made me realize I have the same super power…the power to bring a smile to someone’s face, make them feel appreciated or lift their spirits when they’re down.  And many of you are card makers, so you’ve got super power, too!  If you don’t make cards, perhaps your super power is baking, writing or something else you can share with your neighbors or other people with whom you come in contact.  

I hope you will consider joining Jennifer in her crusade to make the world a kinder place.  And please let me know in the comments if you’re on board!

Over a year ago I participated in Jennifer’s first campaign.  If you’d like to see it, the video that started it all is here.

Before I leave you today, I wanted to extend a warm welcome to Danielle; my newest follower through NetWorked Blogs.  Thanks so much for joining us!

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi Kim, I am sort of doing something similar. I am sending birthday greetings to my Seniors on their birthday this year. They just love getting a card in the mail. I hope it makes them smile. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Kim&Katy says:

      Carol, that’s wonderful!! You’re right, they will love it! That package finally went out. You should have it soon, if you don’t already.

  2. Denise Sayers says:

    Great idea. I just gave away 80 of my cards at church for Mother’s Day. We have a small congregation and on the older side, so I put 4 cards (1 female birthday, 1 male birthday, 1 thank you and 1 general thinking of you) in a bag along with some Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I added a stamped tag on the front of the bags with washi tape so they could use them as bookmarks if they wanted. It gives them a stash so they don’t have to run to the store if a need comes up. Plus I always send each member a birthday card. They seemed to really like it.

    • Kim&Katy says:

      Denise, that is just fabulous! You’ve definitely made an impact on the #sharehandmadekindness campaign!

  3. Kim I think this is a wonderful reason to make cards and spread the joy. Can you share exsamples of where we can send our cards to? I just found out that I will be having surgery on my shoulder.🙁 I will try to make some before I have it.

    • Kim&Katy says:

      I’m sorry to hear surgery is in your future, Sarah. But hope it will finally end the pain you’ve been feeling for so long now. I’m going to make cards to the mailman, the waitress at our favorite eatery, some friends I think about often but don’t reach out to enough. the staff at my doctor’s office. Just think of the people with whom you interact but don’t think to thank them because life is so hectic. You could make some in anticipation of your surgery and have them on hand to give to the people who help you in the hospital or at home with your recuperation! I hope that helps.

  4. Kim Padan says:

    Thanks for sharing that video…such a great reminder to give our cards to anyone who can use a hug!

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