Rowing the Boat at Miss Kate Cuttables

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When I saw this Miss Kate Cuttables Man Fishing cut file in the Silhouette store, it reminded me of something that happened long ago.  Here’s the card I made for my design team post today:

Rowing the Boat wm 1

And here’s the memory it brought back…

After years of hard work, a friend of mine was promoted to department manager to replace a retiring manager.   She was warned this would be quite an undertaking as the outgoing manager had lost control and the department was in chaos. 

On her first day in the new position she was met with lots of opposition and even hostility.  One employee angrily threatened her, saying, “don’t rock the boat”.  She was determined to get this department back to functioning properly.  It took her over a year, and it was a very stressful time; but she did it.  Most employees became more productive and happier and the man who had threatened her actually thanked her for stepping in.  There were a few who simply wouldn’t come around and she had to fire them. 

Had I been making cards at the time, I would have liked to have made this card for her.

The original file had a fishing rod.  I substituted that for some oars from clip art I found.  I print and cut the fisherman and boat and layered the pieces on a circle of  yellow.

Rowing the Boat wm 2

The waves were made using Miss Kate’s Underwater Borders.  What would be more appropriate given the don’t rock the boat comment than to make the card a rocker.

Rowing the Boat wm 3

And here is the sentiment.  Now it will finally make sense it relates to the story I shared.  Certainly good advice.

Rowing the Boat wm 4


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  1. Denise Sayers says:

    That is a cute card and sentiment. One of the reasons I love making cards is the ability to personalize them like this one.

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