Ode to the Humble Sneaker with Eyelet Outlet

Today I’m sharing several cards as an ode to the humble sneaker using the adorable Sneaker & Water Bottle Brads from Eyelet Outlet.  My plan was to make a single card, but I had so many ideas I had to just keep going!

Sneakers have come a long way since I wore Keds as a child.  I don’t even recall owning any color but white.  Today there are so many choices it can make your head spin, but that’s because we ask so much more of sneakers than we did years ago.  On second thought, maybe the sneaker isn’t so humble!

A Great Pair

Great Pair|Anniversary|Love|Sneakers|Eyelet Outlet

For lack of a better name, I’m calling this card fold a Flap Over.  The patterned paper is cut 1/2″ longer than the card, scored and folded over the back.  The circle cut in the front allows for the sneakers and greeting to peek-a-boo from inside.  Just click on the image to be taken to the gallery to see the inside.  I just love the bright colors on this card!

Next up:


I’ve seen this quote several times and always thought of it as powerful advice.  I think the first time I saw it was in a Nike ad, so I’ll credit them as the originator.

Challenge|Note Card|Sneakers|Eyelet Outlet

The digital patterned paper is from the Half Marathon kit by Pink Rainbow Design.  I love the combination of yellow, black and white, so it was just great luck the water bottle brad matched perfectly.  Creating a text to path in my Silhouette allowed me to curve the greeting to the band across the front.  I created a mat for it and for under the patterned paper.  Before attaching the band with foam adhesive strips, I attached the water bottles and sneakers.  Inside is blank so this can be used as a note card.

Then there’s:


This is my favorite of the cards today, I think.  I love the combination of papers, accentuated by the black mats.  Another quote I found, this time by Dr. Margaret, helps to create the centerpiece.   The digital patterned paper is from the Running Princess kit by Just for You.  Intending this as a note card, I left the inside blank.

Listen|Note Card|Sneakers|Eyelet Outlet

And finally:

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory|Friendship|Sneakers|Eyelet Outlet

I had a little fun with this card, borrowing the idea from the movie, “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson.  Turns out he wasn’t a total nut, after all.  So maybe…just maybe there’s some truth to this theory as well.  Next time you see a pair of sneakers hanging from a power line, you may look at it in a new way…and smile as it says inside the card.  Click on the image if you want to see it. 

Let these humble sneaker cards remind us to resolve to “get moving” in 2018!

I made one more sneaker card which I’ll be sharing next week so stay tuned!

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  1. Sarah Biswabic says:

    Your cards are amazing! I love these sneakers and water bottle brads.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

  2. Carol says:

    These cards are so cute! I especially love the conspiracy card! Our oldest son Justin runs the Marine Corps Marathon…I can see one of these cards in his future. Oh, my…another trip to the Eyelet Outlet! Ha.

  3. Georgiana says:

    Looks like you had fun with those sneaker brads.

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