National Coloring Book Day

Today is National Coloring Book Day!   I always had coloring books as a child and never lost my love of coloring.  Apparently lots of adults feel the same as adult coloring books are quite popular.  In fact, I got one for my birthday from two of my favorite people on earth…they obviously know me quite well as they couldn’t have picked a more perfect gift for me.  Here’s what I got:

Coloring Book 1

And to color it in, I got:

Coloring Book 2

Thank you Bob & Julie!  I am going to spend countless hours enjoying this book with its intricate coloring and activities.  What a great gift for anyone who likes to craft!  Actually, Julie got one as a gift and I ooh’ed and aah’ed about it…no subtlety there.

If you’d like to participate in National Coloring Book Day, you can download free coloring book pages and even enter a Natural Beauty Coloring Contest and can find all the details about it here.

I also wanted to share with you a link on how to create your own coloring page.  It’s on the Hints, Tips & Tutorials page as well.  I tried my hand at it just to check out the editing program they recommended.  They warned against picking pictures without a lot of contrast and I can see, after playing with it, why that is so important.  But I’m sharing the original picture and the coloring book page anyway…just because.


Coloring Book Page 1

If you try making a coloring book page or if you enter the contest, please come back and share with me.  It would make my day!


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  1. Julianne Venezia says:

    Hey Kimmy our favorite! So glad you love your present and I wanted to interject that Debbie actually gave me mine! Yes the Debbie that you make all the great cards for including the box card she gave to Bob. So creative and just awesome!!!! Love you tons!!! Julianne and Bobby

    • Kim&Katy says:

      Well, it looks like Debbie is a real trend setter! And thank you for your kind words about my cards. Love you back!

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