My Favorite Friend

Hi, Katy here.

I mentioned my Facebook page previously and the many friends I have there, but there are none more special than Elvis, the King of Walk and Roll (Over).  In my opinion, Elvis is the most adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ever.  Take a look at this picture of Elvis and see if you don’t agree with me.

His adorableness is matched by his sweetness (shared by his Mom, Christy who is his Facebook secretary as well).

ElvisElvis has a very important job…he supervises his Mom and Dad  at work to make sure they’re on task.  They own a retail store named Daddy-o’s and they have the most wonderful line of  vintage inspired clothing, beautiful ladies dresses, bowling shirts and much more.  You just have to go check it out and see for yourself.  You can link to their website just by clicking on this picture of Elvis.  If you order from them, I’m sure your package will be shipped promptly and perfectly under the watchful eye of Elvis, no bones about it.  Wish one of those dresses would fit me…so does Kim!

We thought, in honor of Daddy-o’s we’d share a few bowling themed cards and some with snazzy dresses.  Unlike their inventory, these cards are one size only.

First, the bowling shirts.  I really liked how they turned out…makes me wish I bowled so I could wear one.  Many years ago, Kim was on a bowling league and says she really enjoyed it despite the fact that she was pretty terrible at it.  Her average was only in the high 80’s, but that didn’t stop her.  Between you and me, I think even I could have done better than that!  She was league secretary, too.  Good thing she was better at keeping league records than she was at bowling.


Next, the dresses.  Dress forms are a new trend in card making these days and when Kim first saw them, she though there was no way she would use them.  As you can see, she gave in and tried it…and liked it.  I hope you do, too!

This first card celebrates a new job and I just love how it turned out with the cheerful colors and the peek-a-boo window.  My job is to look cute and, if you ask me, I think I’m so good at it, I should get a promotion.

All Dressed Up 1

The next card is very clever if I do say so myself.  It’s an easel card, but with a twist…literally!  Click on the picture to see how it props on it’s base.  We didn’t have a need for a belated birthday card when Kim made this, but she had “fashionably late” in her mind as something to complement the dress form.  Turns out we just discovered we missed a good friend’s birthday so I’d say it all worked out.

Fashionably Late 1

 You can get more info on each card with additional pictures by clicking on the images.

I sure do hope Elvis likes these as they were made especially for him.  We have lots more ideas for bowling cards…wish we knew more bowlers.  If you happen to take it up, be sure to let us know!  And don’t forget to visit Daddy-o’s…tell ’em Katy sent you!


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  1. christy berry says:

    First, thank you. We just adore you and your mom, Katy. We are SO very lucky to have you in our lives! Second, those cards rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mom (and you, Katy) has amazing talent!!!! xoxo

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