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I’ve never been one to use a planner, so when we were challenged this month to use any of the planner page options offered by The Cutting Cafe I was a bit concerned.  There are many options available, though, so it was pretty easy to pick one I was eager to use.

Here’s the menu planner included in the 2018 Planner Printable Set.  All the hard work was done for me, so I had fun filling it in with colors and my weekly menu information.  Turns out this was a really handy tool to plan out the week’s menu and shopping list with the food store circular at hand.     

Menu Planner wm 1

After I filled in the menu, I realized I had a number of brads which would accent the menu planner perfectly, so I picked out a few to correspond with the menu.  Also, I added a cooking themed background and increased the transparency so it provides just a hint of color and finished it off with a thin white border.

Menu Planner wm 2

I added the same color combination and background to the shopping list.  It was a snap filling it in from my laptop.

Menu Planner wm 4

I thought it would be a great idea to keep the coupons I was using that week close to the shopping list.  So, I made a companion page with the same bordered background with a second sheet, cut on the diagonal to create a pocket for the coupons.  To make it stand out, I ran a strip of color-coordinated washi tape down the edge.  When it’s time to go shopping, I just take it with me.

Menu Planner wm 3

I’m pretty happy with the result.  So much so that I just might be a planner girl after all.  I can’t wait to see the inspiration from the rest of the design team.  I know they will rock this challenge.  It’s an incredibly talented team, so I’m always eager to see the fruits of their labor and especially some great videos.  Leave a comment when you visit The Cutting Cafe for a chance to win three free files of your choice.  No cutting machine?  No problem!  All the files come complete with a .pdf so you can also cut them by hand.  Sweet!

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  1. regina easter says:

    wow wow and DOUBLE WOW…love the colors…this is fab

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