Make a Wish Pinwheel at The Cutting Cafe

Twice a month, Regina of The Cutting Cafe gives her design team members a cut file or files of her choice and lets us do whatever we want with them.  I love this idea and always look forward to seeing what the design team makes…there’s always such a wide range of ideas and loads of inspiration!  Today we’re working with the Pinwheel Sentiment and Pinwheel Treat Cup files.  Here’s a look at my card:

Make a Wish 2 wm 1

I decided to make a split front card for my pinwheel and I like how it turned out.   I used a lighter weight acetate for this card which I normally wouldn’t do as it doesn’t hold up to the weight of the card stock.  In this case, though, the pinwheel stick (a skewer in its former life), gave it the support it needed.  The pinwheel doesn’t turn…I would have loved for it to, but I couldn’t figure out how to engineer it.   In the center is a Jewel Brad from Eyelet Outlet.  It not only holds the pinwheel together, it does so beautifully!  Here’s a look at the card from the side so you can see the acetate better.

Make a Wish 2 wm 2

For the card, itself, I used Crisp Cantaloupe and Cherry Cobbler card stocks for the base and mats.  The digital patterned paper is from the Birthday Basics collection.  I color matched the sentiment panel to the background on the patterned paper and the sentiment, itself, to the Cherry Cobbler.  These products are all Stampin’ Up.  For the pinwheel, I picked a companion paper and it worked perfectly as it’s double-sided.

Make a Wish 2 wm 3

You can see the sentiment in the picture above, but here’s a better shot.

Make a Wish 2 wm 4

If you, like I do, want to see all the great projects by the rest of the design team, just click here

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  1. regina easter says:

    kim what a great idea…, i have never done a card like this…love it

  2. Denise Sayers says:

    Cute card and I love the double sided paper for the pinwheel. Might have to try that out.

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