Jazz Appreciation Month

I didn’t think I would like Jazz until a number of years ago when I was clicking through music channels I came upon “lite” jazz and really enjoyed it, but never really listened to it much.  Fast forward to January of this year when I saw a video of Joey Alexander, an 11-year-old jazz prodigy which reignited my interest.   Have you seen him?  Fantastic!  Even if you don’t read the 60 Minutes article, at least watch the video.

So, when I discovered April was

Jazz Appreciation Month

I thought I would make a card in honor of the occasion.   I use the saying, “and all that Jazz” quite a bit in lieu of etc, etc, etc.  Not quite sure why…I just like that turn of phrase.  So why not have a card that does the same.  Speaking of All That Jazz, did you ever see the movie of the same name?  It was about Bob Fosse; dancer, choreographer, actor, screenwriter and director.  He lived quite a full and interesting life.  If you’d like to know more, you can read about him here.  But I digress…back to the card would be great for any jazz lover or music lover of any kind, really.

All That Jazz wm 1

I created the card using a cut file by Shirley’s Cards.  Her sample is in blue and can be found on this page if you want to take a peek.  If you haven’t used her files yet, don’t hesitate because they’re accurate and easy to follow and she’s got some unique designs.  The digital patterned paper is from the Musical kit by Polka Dot Pixels.  A click on the card will take you to the gallery for a close-up of the front and the inside.

I thought I’d share a bit of research I did on the subject of Jazz and discovered it was born right here in the United States as far back as the 1700’s when the slaves sang of work and their deep religious beliefs.  I also found out the drum set was invented by Jazz musicians as were the words “cool” and “hip”.  Pretty cool, right?  If you want to check out the full history of Jazz, you can do that here.  And if you’d like to learn some Jazz slang, check out this site.  You’ll seem really hip about the subject if you do!



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  1. This is a fabulous take on my template Kim and some interesting jazz links too, my hubby is a big jazz fan. Many thanks for the plug to my website, much appreciated.

  2. I love how you spelled the word “Jazz” with a saxophone!

  3. Lynn McAuley says:

    There are lots of musicians and wannabe musicians in my family! They would love getting this fabulous card!! It looks a lot like a t-shirt my son bought himself on our last trip to New Orleans. Awesome work, Kim.

    I did see “All that Jazz” and loved it!

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