Hints, Tips & Tutorials


This is a growing collection of things I’ve found helpful in my crafting.  Some of the items listed here are my creations and some have been created by others, shared with their permission.   This page will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back if you’re interested in seeing new content.

Hints & Tips:

  1. Crop-A-Dile How-To-for those who can’t remember what those settings mean
  2. Decimal to Fraction Calculator-Great for working with my Silhouette
  3. Fraction to Decimal Calculator-Great for working with my Silhouette
  4. Fractional Equivalents-how many 8ths are in 3/4″ of an inch?  See at a glance
  5. Glossary of Terms-terms I used in my tutorials (just in case you need them when following my tutorials)
  6. Metric to Inches Conversion-Great if you find a tutorial using metric dimensions
  7. Reading a Ruler-just what are those lines between the edge of the ruler and one inch
  8. Sending First Class Mail-without going to the Post Office by the Mad Stamper
  9. Shakers 101-tips to help you avoid some common problems when making shaker cards


Greetings, Printables & Sentiments:

  1. 12 Dog Days of Christmas
  2. 50th Birthday Quotes
  3. Christmas Messages
  4. Collection of Pet Poems
  5. Cow Themed Sayings, Sentiments & Titles
  6. Deck the Halls Poem
  7. DIY Diffuser Recipes
  8. Easel Card Insert-use this to help your recipient know how to set up their easel card
  9. Friendship Quotes and Sentiments
  10. Hallmark Wedding Wishes
  11. Halloween Titles, Quotes and Card Sayings
  12. Irish Quotations, Blessings, Proverbs and Toasts
  13. Nail Manicure in a Jar-Toppers and Labels
  14. Owl About Owls-owl themed sayings and sentiments
  15. Password Book Inserts (for a business card holder)
  16. Perfect Blend-coffee themed sayings and sentiments
  17. Stampin’ Up RGB HEX Color Codes-compliments of www.MarieStamps.com
  18. Thanksgiving Verses, Card Messages and Poems
  19. Wedding Day Verses, Poems and Quotes
  20. Welcome to the Neighborhood Door Hanger
  21. With Deepest Sympathy
  22. What’s The Buzz-bee themed sayings and sentiments
  23. Wrapping Paper Poem Tag


Tutorials & Templates:

  1. Basic Easel Card Tutorial-including template
  2. Blocks Card Template
    1. Little Girls Blocks Card
  3. By the Tide Acetate Tutorial-including template
    1. By the Tide Note Card
  4. Candy Box Card Template
    1. Rudy Candy Box Card
  5. Cap & Gown Template
    1. ConGRADulations
  6. Card Organizer Template
    1. Card Organizer
  7. Caught a Bug Acetate Tutorial-including template
    1. Caught a Bug Card
  8. Celebrate Standing Pop-Up Card-including template
    1. Celebrate Card
  9. Center Box Card Tutorial-including template
    1. Happy Birthday
  10. Center-Step Card Tutorial (vertical)-including template
    1. ConGRADulations
    2. Happy Easter
    3. Perfect Blend
    4. Snow Much Fun
    5. To Your Door
    6. Tu Tu Cute
  11. Center-Step Card Template (horizontal)
  12. Center-Step Card Template (horizontal-long/business envelope)
    1. Sending Wishes
  13. Cherry on Top-thank you card template
  14. Creepy Tutorial-card and gift box combo
  15. Detachable Bookmark Card Tutorial
  16. Double Flap-Fold Card Template
    1. Like the Butterfly
  17. Double Flip Card Template
  18. Double Lever Card Template
  19. Double Z Fold Card Template
  20. Egg Carton Template
  21. Every Good Wish Shaker Card Tutorial-including template
  22. Falling Leaves Shaker Card Tutorial-including template
  23. Greetings Human Shaker Card Tutorial-including template
  24. Hand Sanitizer Gift Pack-including template
  25. Heart Buckle Card Template
    1. Meant to Go Together
  26. Herringbone Technique Tutorials
    1. Hello Friend
    2. Have a Sweet Christmas
  27. Inverted Center Step Card Template
    1. Plumbing Problems
  28. Joy Fold Card Template/Holiday Line-Up Card
  29. Ladybug Birthday Tutorial-card and gift box combo
  30. Light of the Season Shaker Card Tutorial-including template
  31. Money Enclosure Card Template
    1. Special Delivery
  32. Nighttime Walk Template
  33. Paint the Town Easel Card Tutorial-including template
    1. Paint the Town
  34. Perfect Blend Center Step Card Tutorial
  35. Petal Potpourri Note Card-including template
  36. Refilling Stampin’ Up Markers
  37. Ribbit Joy-Fold Card-including template
  38. Ribbon Frame Template-Circle
  39. Rocker Card Template
  40. Quilt Pattern Templates
  41. The Secret to Better Scoring
  42. Seeds of Friendship-including template
  43. Shakers 101
  44. Side Step Card Template-Version 1 w/ Mats
  45. Side Step Card Template-Version 2 w/Mats
  46. Slider Mechanism
    1. Soaring
  47. Sliding Window Card Template
    1. Dinner
  48. Split Easel Card Template
  49. Split-Front Card Template
  50. Sprinkles on Top Shaker Tutorial-including template
  51. Standing Pop-Up Card Template-portrait orientation
    1. Sleighin’ It
  52. Swing Easel Card Template
  53. Swing Easel Card Template 5 x 7″
  54. Tassles-How to Make Them Yourself
  55. Tear Bear Pattern
  56. Time to Celebrate Acetate Tutorial-including template
    1. Time to Celebrate
  57. Tool Belt Card w/ Tools Template
    1. Accordion Tool Belt
  58. Twisted Gate-Fold Card Template
    1. Nuts & Berries
  59. Un-BEE-lievable Get Well Tutorial
    1. Un-BEE-lievable