Happy Anniversary

It’s hard to believe my blog is celebrating its second anniversary on March 6th.

And even harder to believe is that I’m still posting considering I can’t manage to find my way around the administrative areas of this blog.  It seemed like such a fun idea…starting a blog and sharing Katy’s adventures, my cards and my random thoughts; but I didn’t think about what goes into the creation of even a simple post.  Not to mention the more involved processes…forget about it!  WordPress does have a forum where I have posed questions trying not to appear as inept as I actually am.  People always respond to my pleas for help, but I need a translator to understand the response.  So I just decided, I don’t need to add the fancy schmancy options…problem solved.

But you, as the faithful few who are subscribed to my blog overlook my blogging shortcomings…thank you, thank you a hundred times thank you.

So, how about some anniversary cards in honor of this auspicious occasion!

This first card is all about love birds.  There’s not much to this card, but I love it anyway.  Not sure if its the soft colors of vanilla and blue with a touch of green, the embossing or the combination, but this one is in “my favorites” category.

This next card makes great use of old puzzle pieces which were headed for the trash can as the box was broken and pieces were missing.  As I was getting ready for the “toss” , I took another look and, like all crafters, I decided I could use those remaining pieces.  And here they are, covered with ink and heat embossed with clear embossing and a pinch of gold glitter.

Perfect Fit 1 copy

Have you made it this far in my blog post?  If so, I decided it would be fun to have a little contest.  Here’s what it involves…I’d like to get to 25 followers so your part in the contest is to recommend our little blog to those friends and family who would have an interest in card making and crafts or dogs, or both.  If they subscribe they need to be sure to tell me who referred them.  If and when we get to 25, one subscriber, picked at random will receive a nice selection of cards and, if they were referred by someone, that someone will receive cards as well.   For those of you who don’t read to the bottom, I’ll talk about this again at some point…at the beginning of the post 😉



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  1. Lois Folla says:

    I’m so glad you Blog! You do a great job! I’ll share your blog for sure! xoxo

  2. Kim&Katy says:

    Great! Thanks, Lois! Sure do appreciate it!

  3. Joan says:

    Your Blog is wonderful! I look forward to each update. Happy Anniversary my friend!!!

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