Technique Tuesday-Stamping on Patterned Paper

As a follow-up to our Year of Card Techniques Blog Hop, Stamping on Patterned Paper, I’d like to share the details about each of the cards I made.  This was the first time I tried this technique.  Through trial and error, I discovered selecting the correct paper is very important.  […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Converting a Cut File to a Digital Image

One of my subscribers (thank you, Sarah) asked me to further explain converting a cut file to a digital image as shown in this post.  Since there may be others who haven’t tried this yet, I thought it might be nice to share a tutorial.  I’ll show you step by […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-No-Line Water Coloring

Before I start my post, I’d like to take a moment to welcome my newest e-mail follower, lizbowles.  So happy you’ve joined us!  We’re now ten away from my card bundle give-away…that’s when my e-mail subscribers reach 100.  Don’t worry if you’ve subscribed via Bloglovin or NetWorked Blogs; you’ll be […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Stamp Set Showdown

As a follow-up to post for A Year of Card Techniques-Stamp Set Showdown (if you missed it, you can see it here), I wanted to share some details about each of the cards I made. Here’s the first card I made: Coloring books are back in a big way.  You […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Metallic Accents & Backgrounds

I’m combining the third and fourth installments of this Technique Tuesday series in one post today.  Partially because I’m participating in a special event blog hop next Tuesday and because there’s not that much to say about these last two. Here is the card I made as an example of […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Metallic Die Cuts

Welcome to the second in my metallics series.  Today I want to share what I learned while cutting metallic papers, including Glimmer Paper.  I tried to experiment with all the metallic papers I could find.  This is the card I shard in the December Technique Blog Hop.  If you missed […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Embossed Impressions

Welcome to the first in my Metallics series following our December Technique Blog Hop.  Today I want to share a bit more about the embossed impressions technique.  I saw this video by Jennifer McGuire and just had to try it.  I really love the look, but I think the end […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Layering Acetate

This is the last in my Vellum and Acetate Technique Tuesday posts and I think I’ve saved the best for last.  I’ve enjoyed bringing you this series and hope it was helpful or at least interesting to those of you who don’t make cards. When I saw the video on […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Acetate as Card Base

Over the years, I’ve seen many cards made using an acetate base.  I’ve tried making several myself and always had trouble keeping them standing.  It seems the acetate I was using wasn’t strong/thick enough to support the card stock and/or embellishments.  I figured out several workarounds, but then I discovered […] Read more »

Technique Tuesday-Heat Embossed Vellum

A quick welcome to my newest e-mail follower, weezie.  Thanks so much for joining us and bringing everyone closer to the card bundle give-away!  I also want to extend a warm welcome to two new subscribers on NetWorked Blogs, Kathy and Eva and also to my blogging buddy, Lisa, following […] Read more »