Art Imitates Life

For those of you who are subscribed and receiving this post via e-mail, for optimal viewing simply click on the title above (in blue) and it will take you directly to our blog. As the tag line says, I provide the inspiration around here.  That’s what we muses do.  Being […] Read more »

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

….at least today I am! Well, actually I am of English heritage.  In fact, my breed was named for King Charles II.  Anyone who knows me shouldn’t be surprised that I’m descended from royalty…I am every bit a princess!  Now, I know the history books talk about conflict between the […] Read more »

Oh and, I’m six!

Katy here!  Okay, so not to minimize our blog’s anniversary, but I’m turning six on the 13th.  And that’s certainly far more an event than some silly old anniversary, don’t you think? Being the inquisitive type, I did some net surfing to see just how old I that makes me […] Read more »

Behind the Scenes

Hi, Katy here!  Due to someone who has been hogging the laptop recently (I won’t mention my human’s name so she will remain anonymous ;-), I haven’t had much of a chance to do my share of the posting on this blog.  I would like to call attention to the […] Read more »

Dogs Unite

Hello everyone!  While my human is off doing other things, I decided to take my turn on the computer.  And speaking of taking turns, since humans give and receive Halloween cards, dogs should get equal time.  I’m sure all my four-legged friends would agree. Here are some cards I plan […] Read more »