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Hi, Katy here!  Due to someone who has been hogging the laptop recently (I won’t mention my human’s name so she will remain anonymous ;-), I haven’t had much of a chance to do my share of the posting on this blog.  I would like to call attention to the fact that this is my blog!  One needs only to look at the name on the header to figure that out!  I’ve taken a selfie so you don’t forget what I look like it’s been so long!!

Phone 2

It’s been a rather dull year, I must say.  Kim has been in hibernation.  At least that’s what it seems like to me.  As a result, I don’t have many adventures I can share with you…in short, I’m bored.  So I decided to make my own adventure by sneaking into Kim’s studio…actually it’s nothing more than a finished basement, but Kim likes to call it her studio, so I don’t want to burst her bubble (much).  I’m not allowed down here usually and that’s why I had to sneak down to take these pictures…if asked I will deny having taken them.  Kim is afraid to let me walk on the steps leading to the basement ’cause she thinks I’ll slip and fall…oy vey.  Between you and me, she’s the one likely to trip; not me!

In between Kim’s projects, the room looks something like this.  She loves organization; a place for everything and everything in its place…I think you spell that O-C-D.  The first picture is her ribbon storage…she loves ribbon.  The second is of her punches hanging in a shoe organizer…she loves punches.  The third is the other side of the door with another shoe organizer and more punches…she really loves punches.  Then there’s the bookcase and her how-to books…she loves how-to books.

Behind the Scenes Compilation 1 copy

Here’s where she stores some of her paper.  Please note I said some…she loves paper.  Supplies are stored here, too.   Those scrapbooks on the top are from the “olden days” when she made scrapbooks for her Great Danes.  She has some of those pages in the Gallery.  But now she’s gone digital and that’s how she captures MY moments.  You can’t see it all that clearly, but there’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel vase from my Auntie Christy and her pup, Elvis.  She finds the best stuff!

Paper & Supplies

Paper & Supplies

This bench is a nice place to sit, and it’s probably quite a comfortable spot for me  to nap while Kim works but, as I said, I’m not allowed down here…her loss.  But it holds a deep, dark secret.  You see, it opens to reveal where she stores all her stamps…she loves stamps.  It’s chock full.


Behind the Scenes 15 3


Behind the Scenes 15 4



This is where the ink pads and markers are stored (and more paper).  More inks and such in the drawers…she loves inks.  I don’t think there’s room for even one more stamp pad.

Behind the Scenes 15 2

Stamp Pads & Markers


This is where she does her cutting and printing.  And sometimes she does both with two different computers.  I think she calls it multitasking.  I would call it chaos…wires everywhere!

Behind the Scenes Compilation 2

The e-cutter. The printer is just below. And two computers one is printing the other cutting.

Remember when I said how Kim loves organization?  Well, when she works, all bets are off and it looks like a cyclone blew through or perhaps a hyperactive Cavalier.  I got some of those pictures, too.  But then it all gets cleaned up come recycle day.

Behind the Scenes 13 wm

After the cutting is done.

And here is more paper storage and all Kim’s embellishments.  Well, not all of them because there’s not enough room…she loves embellishments.   Next to the bookcase is where she keeps all her work in progress and finished cards on top.  I see one with hearts…I bet that’s for me!

Behind the Scenes 204

And here’s where she keeps all her embossing folders.  She’s got so many…she loves embossing folders.  I guess you’ve noticed a theme emerging!  Oh and what’s that sitting next to those folders?  Yup, more paper!  Sheesh!

Behind the Scenes 205

I saved the best for last.  Here is her wall of pictures she gets to look at while she’s downstairs working.  It includes pictures of past dogs and pictures she’s taken that she particularly likes and, front and center, a picture of me!

Behind the Scenes 201

Well, I think that about wraps up the tour of the “forbidden room”.  I’d better get back upstairs before Kim returns as I don’t want to get caught down here.  I hope you enjoyed sharing my big adventure with me…don’t tell Kim, okay?



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  1. CHRISTY says:

    First, Katy Jean you are the cutest little thing I ever did see! Second, thank you SO much for taking us inside your mom’s studio. Wow! That is an amazing set up. Your mom has so much stuff. That is why she is a pro! I only wish I was half as organized. LOL. Thank you for this great post! <3

    • admin says:

      I know…too much stuff! She could start a business. But if it keeps her happy, I’m happy! Of course, I’d be happier if I could be down there with her! Maybe you could talk to her on my behalf…I KNOW she would listen to you!

  2. Laura says:

    enjoyed the peek behind the scene!

  3. Lois Folla says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your Studio! It really rocks! WOW are you organized! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  4. Lois Folla says:

    Katy, thanks for the awesome tour into Mommy’s (Kim’s) Studio. You are a professional photographer!

    Puppy hugs & kisses!
    Sammy & Billy & Mommy (Lois) too!

  5. Marcie Craig says:

    Katy, please tell your mom that I LOVE her craft room! If I were you I’d be a little jealous and expect a craft area of your own. LOL

    • admin says:

      Why thank you Marcie and welcome to our…I mean MY blog. We are so happy you came for a visit! I think I deserve a craft area, too, although I’m not even sure what I would do with it. But if I think on this more, it looks like it’s a mess most times and I am pretty darn good at making a mess so maybe I DO know what to do!

  6. Kelly says:

    Oh my…how organized. I could NEVER share pics of my craftroom…it is ALWAYS a mess!

    • admin says:

      Well…truth be told, it doesn’t really look like this most of the time. In fact, I’ll post a picture which will give you a truer picture of what it looks like when I’m working. You’ll feel at home when you see it, I’m sure.

  7. OM Katy! I am soooo jealous of mommy’s room! I need to come visit so we can craft in it! Dont tell mommy, I would sneak you down and you and I could craft our little hearts out! You CAN tell mommy that Stormy lays right next to me or under my desk when I craft so it isn’t fair that you can’t! TEEEHEE! Anyhow, You and mommy then can come and visit me and Mommy can organize my room as pretty as hers and then we can CRAFT! HAHAHAHA! I love you both! Auntie Christi

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