A Handcrafted Holiday

I loved all the gifts I received this year, but being a crafty person myself,  the handcrafted gifts and cards I received are at the top of my list.  I wanted to share them with you.

First, an Intarsia Santa from Bob:

Handcrafted Holidays 17

Each year Bob makes a new Santa or snowman and I eagerly await the newest one under the tree.  I’m always amazed at the workmanship in these pieces and really appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of one of these.

Holiday Card Envelope Album:

Handcrafted Holidays 1

Handcrafted Holidays 2Handcrafted Holidays 3Handcrafted Holidays 4Handcrafted Holidays 5Handcrafted Holidays 6Handcrafted Holidays 7Handcrafted Holidays 8

Handcrafted Holidays 9Handcrafted Holidays 11

From my StampNation Advent Angel, Debbie, I received this Holiday Card Envelope Album which blew me away!  It’s an album for storing holiday cards and pictures on the various pages and in pockets.  Once you’ve filled it with all your treasured memories, you tie the ribbon keeping everything safe and sound.  I love that you can actually create a “library” using these albums, pulling out the occasion you want to revisit at any time.  Clever gal Debbie is, she sent me her blog post which shares all the details.  I went to her blog, Paws to Scrap to check it out and we are now her newest follower!  She had us at the word “Paws” but the picture of her pup sealed the deal.

Secret Sister

Secret Sister 1

I also participated in a “Secret Sister” gift exchange and it was very cleverly put together.  There were five project we were challenged to make and one purchased gift with a $10.00 limit.  I have to say, my Secret Sister spoiled me rotten…look at all this handcrafted goodness!!

Handcrafted Cards:

And finally, the handcrafted cards I received which I will keep in a memory box just for cards as I can never toss beautiful cards like these.

Handmade Holiday 1From my Stampin’ Up Upline, Rachel.  Love the black and white!

Handmade Holiday 4From Pat (Tink).  This card has such sparkle and shine, just like Tink!

Handmade Holiday 2From Joan, when I saw this adorable card I realized the SU corner punch matches in doilies.  More shopping to do!

Handcrafted Holidays 12

Also from my Advent Angel, Debbie, as if the album wasn’t enough, this handcrafted card.

Handmade Holiday 3And just look at these faces!  Elvis and Audrey are Katy’s very best friends a pup could ever have!



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  1. Lynn McAuley says:

    It is so much fun to have crafty friends who share your passions! These are divine, Kim!

  2. Great projects! Thanks for sharing the handmade goodies you received!

  3. Jeanette says:

    What a fun and beautiful album… the cards are lovely, too. It is such fun to see the handcrafted gifts/cards that others receive.

  4. Shelly Schmidt says:

    Wow- love the Santa, and also love that you shared all of the beautiful cards! The Christmas album is a very cool idea- I save all of the old cards w/pictures in a baggie : ) hehehehe gallon sized….. I love seeing your posts- on my phone and have been looking forward to catching up on the computer where I can comment and really take a closer look at your posts. Wishing you many blessings in 2016!

  5. Goodness!! You definitely were loved with the handcrafted goods this year. I am usually the one giving the hand crafted items. No one else in my family really “creates” the way I do.

    • Kim&Katy says:

      I know! It’s been a number of years since I participated in a crafty swap…I’m sure glad I did this year.

      Even if your family isn’t as creative as you, I bet they love to receive the fruits of your labor!

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