Awesome Card

Hi everyone.  It’s Katy, the Cavalier, here…I don’t get to post much because my human has been hogging my blog.  That’s okay normally, but today I have something super special to share with you!  Today I got a package in the mail…just for me…from one of our subscribers, Carol!

She sent me this wonderful card and look it has a picture of me on it!  Now that’s a masterpiece, don’t you think?

Katy's Card-Gift 1

Now Kim, she liked all the other things; the embossed paws, the great design and combination of elements and the fact that Carol left the inside blank so she can use the card again.  Even the envelope was coordinated.  I like all that, too, but my favorite is still the picture of me!  Carol says she’s a beginning stamper…to that we say, nonsense!  Don’t you think that’s a fantastic card??

And let me share with you the note she wrote just to me.  I’m glad she appreciates my importance…at least someone does!

“Hi Katy,

I hope you are doing well.  You sure do a great job of inspiring Kim.  I appreciate you being in charge and encouraging her.  She has been a wonderful inspiration for me.  Because of your being in charge, I wanted to show my appreciation.  I am sending you a couple of dog treats that I make for our cocker spaniel, Daisy Mae.  She just loves them because they are all natural.  I hope you enjoy this small token of my appreciation for all you do to help keep Kim inspired.

Wags, Carol”

And here I am with those very cookies.  Kim took a picture of me as she had me wait until she said it was okay (and because she wanted to get a picture).  She took a very long time, let me tell you!  One minute more and I would have given her the “stink eye”, which I can do so well.

Katy's Card-Gift 4

Next time Kim will post, but I just had to share!


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  1. So cute!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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